the “may smell”  (which is actually the confederate jasmine blooming) that you can smell almost the minute that you open the front door and step outside on the first of the month, the end of school countdown, graduations, school years, cycles…the beginnings and endings that have been the measurement of my whole life…5th grade, 12th, sophmore year in college, the summer before my first real job, my sixth year teaching, spring breaks…how do the rest of the people measure years, mark turning 30, mother’s day and the growing that our family is doing this year, “may the love we share in families be alive to praise Your name.” -would you bless our homes and families (this was a quote from a song on mother’s day at church when so much of our family was there together sharing love and different beginnings in our individual families), baby birds, gardens to plant, friends getting married, blue glass bottles, cool evenings, the warm part of the year before the mosquitos are biting, how frida clicks her teeth when you scratch her back in the special spot, patterns, journals in all different forms…


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